Applications that run on WSGI


Illustration of ajax applications running on a modwsgi apache server.

FSCSI search

A syntax-aware web search interface for searching large source code file system trees (using the Python 2.6.1 distribution in the example, but it can be configured for any source tree). It is distributed as part of WHIFF and it uses external functionality from Nucular and Pygments.


MoinMoin is a wiki engine written in Python.


PyAMF provides Action Message Format (AMF) support for Python that is compatible with the Flash Player.


pydap is a modular and extensible OPeNDAP server, used by the IPCC to serve model output.


Roundup is a popular issue tracker which includes WSGI support.


Rum is a framework to develop CRUD web applications, usually used in the “admin” back-end of a website.


A simple, easily extensible SOAP library that provides several useful tools for creating and publishing SOAP web services in Python such as on-demand WSDL generation for published services, a WSGI-compliant web application, support for complex class structures, binary attachments, a simple framework for creating additional serialization mechanisms, and a client library.


Trac is a popular issue tracker. It includes WSGI support in trac.web.wsgi


A blog application written in Python.



Python weblog software built from reusable components. It offers many of the usual features of weblog engines, but its basic opration and plug-in model is based on WSGI. Many existing WSGI components can be plugged directly into Bright Content in order to enhance its functionality. Bright Content also has a set of specialized components for common weblog needs.


Webskine is a simple weblog with an AJAX interface.